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The Bean Scene

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What started in history as a heathy (and sometimes even more nutritious) meat substitute in times of poverty has developed into cuisines of gorgeous, subtle, thrilling or exciting dishes the whole world over - a world of flavour wating to be unlocked - especially by those who still tend to only consider beans when a cheap filler is required.

The Italians are as fond of beans as they are reputedly fond of coffee beans: they grow them in every colour, shape and texture, cook them in every way conceivable, hot or cold, solid or liquid, and serve them at least twice week. They're not alone: all Mediterraneans each have their own bean passion. Africans, Indians, Orientals, Caribbeans and Latin Americans, also, would not require a Nigella or a Gordon's advice on the subject!

To help you discover the pleasures of your own bean cuisine, we at Creative Cooks have developed 3 bean ingredient mixes, all 100% natural seasoned and drizzled in extra virgin olive oil.

Mediterranean Bean Mix, seasoned and drizzled in extra virgin olive oil
Tuscan Bean Mix with Pearl Barley, seasoned and drizzled in extra virgin olive oil
Rustic Six Bean Mix, seasoned and drizzled in extra virgin olive oil

These are ideal for salads, casseroles, soups and stews: you can easily reference relevant recipe ideas from this website (from here: click on the product name above) - or, better still, improve the mix with your own: because they are all Mediterranean, a bean staple 'prepped' for an Italian dish works wonders for a Morrocan, Spanish, French, Greek or Middle Eastern one - or inspirations from further afield. Be sure to upload your suggestions!

For great recipes using these bean mixes just click on the links below:
    Smoked Pancetta & Mediterranean Bean Soup
    North African Monkfish & Bean Curry
    Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings with Tuscan Bean Salad
    Duck Legs with Braised Beans & Chunky Cheesy Bread
    Roasted Butternut Squash with Rustic Beans & Chorizo
    Quesadilla (flour tortillas with refried beans)
    Pork Goulash with Six Beans & Sweet Peppers

 Creative Cooks Bean Mixes are available from Sainsbury's and Waitrose.

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