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Why Creative Cooks?

This website is full of ideas and tips to feed your imagination, we hope that you will enrich the mix of existing recipes with your own ideas, variations, tips and suggestions. We hope to create a community of members who all equally love food and share in their creations, inspiring each other to cook great home cooked meals. Recipes can be rated, tips can be offered by leaving a comment. It's about having fun and being proud of your cookery skills.

Even those who genuinely enjoy home cooking will find that the need to produce quality food on a daily basis can put pressure on the imagination. Our aim is to encourage creativity and fun in the kitchen: we want to promote great home cooking.

Creative cooks is brought to you Epicure, a brand that has based its philosophy on the pleasure of good food since 1891. It was also developed with the help of James Moulson, a highly respected professional chef, James's contributions are featured on this website using Bean Mixes, Deli-Italia and Wine Reduction products.

Creative Cooks is a range of premium quality pre-prepared ingredients designed to help you skip straight to the creative jobs that make cooking (and eating) so enjoyable - more of the tasting, seasoning, stirring, drizzling, mixing and less of the peeling chopping, soaking, boiling, steaming.

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