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Corn and apple Pork<

Corn and apple Pork

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Background Info:
I got this from america were it is served in large soup dishes with crusty bread and salad
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Preparation time:
Cooking time:
Cooking Instructions:
Brown joint in a little oil, remove
fry onions in oil till soft place joint on top add herbs and cider bring to simmer then place into moderate hot oven to cook 15 mins to lbs and 15 mins over.
5 mins before end of cooking add corn and apple thicken a little with flour and adjust seasoning.
Serve sliced into lg soup plates with bread or veg

Large joint of shoulder or leg of Pork deboned and de rinded.
2lg onions sliced
1 tspn mixed herbs
1 lg or 2 small tins sweet corn
1lt unsweetened cider
1 lg cooking apple peeled and chopped
flour for thickening
salt pepper