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malaysian-style chicken & potato curry<

malaysian-style chicken & potato curry

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Background Info:
my mother and i used to go to the restaurant in london and always order the same thing, this is as close to the taste as i can get without actually asking them for their recipe. it's spicy and warming and ridiculously nummy.
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Cooking Instructions:
heat oil in large pan
season chicken with salt and pepper
add onions and soften

meanwhile...put all the [ingredients in brackets] into a blender and whizz while trickling in the oil- this is your curry paste.
(if you want these can all just be chopped really finely, or bashed in a pestle and mortar)
add this paste to the pan to coat the chicken and cook for a few mins

pop in the cinnamon, anise, coconut miilk, stock, sugar, soy and fish sauces.
turn down heat, simmer for 30 mins

add potatoes, cook for a further 15-25 mins depending on how smushy you want them.

serve with coriander white rice and iceberg lettuce
1kg chicken thighs (skin off)
2 onions- sliced thin
2Tbsp oil

[5 garlic cloves]
[4 long red chillies/3 dried chillies]
[5cm piece root ginger]
[2 lemongrass stalks (inner bit)]
[4 shallots/1 onion]
[1tsp turmeric]
[3-4Tbsp oil]

1 cinnamon stick
3 star anise
400ml can coconut milk
300ml chicken stock
1tsp soft brown sugar
2Tbsp soy sauce
2Tbsp fish sauce

3 potatoes- 1in cubes

handful fresh coriander leaves
blender/lots of fine chopping/pestle and mortar