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Gluten & Lactose Free Stuffed Mushrooms<

Gluten & Lactose Free Stuffed Mushrooms

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Background Info:
I'm coeliac and my daughter is lactose intolerant so this recipe is great for both of us
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Cooking Instructions:
pop the gluten free bread into a food processor & blitz to form breadcrumbs

toss the mushrooms lightly in the olive oil before placing them on a plate to add the stuffing

onto each mushroom place 1 thin slice of onion

on top of the onion spoon a teaspoon of lactose free soft cheese

add black pepper to taste

on top of each mushroom add a spoonful of gluten free breadcrumbs and gently pat them down into the soft cheese. Then add slightly more breadcrumbs to make a loose breadcrumb topping

place the mushrooms into a deep sided baking tray and pour the stock around the mushrooms

place the baking tray into a hot oven and cook for 15 mins or until the breadcrumbs are a golden brown

serve with crisp salad leaves

8 medium sized closed cap mushrooms - stalks removed
8 teaspoons of lactose free soft cheese
2 slices of gluten free bread
1 small onion thinly sliced
2 tablespoons of olive oil
10 fluid oz vegetable stock made with gluten free stock base
black pepper
food processor
deep sided baking tray