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Scotch Broth<

Scotch Broth

Submitted By:
Belinda Blini

Background Info:
This recipe is also great when cooked in the slow cooker, just add all the ingredients and leave to cook for 6-8 hours.
No. of Servings:
Preparation time:
Cooking time:
Cooking Instructions:
Heat all of the ingredients in a large saucepan until boiling.

Reduce the heat and simmer gently for a 2-3 hours, or until the peas and pearl barley are soft.

Season, to taste with salt and ground black pepper then serve in warm bowls.
2 onions, peeled, diced
250g turnips, diced
250g carrots, peeled, diced
100g pearl barley
125g dried peas, soaked in water for 4-5 hours, drained
1 leek, sliced
1 celery stalk, diced
4 pints lamb stock
salt and ground black pepper