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The Elderflower and Lemony Goosegog Trifle<

The Elderflower and Lemony Goosegog Trifle

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Balmy summer days call for luscious but easy to prepare desserts, brim full of summery scents and fresh citrusy flavours.

This tempting trifle infused with the intoxicating infusion of the elegant elderflower will be a welcome change to the lovely, but ubiquitous strawberry trifles often seen at summer parties and bbqs?.
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Cooking Instructions:
How easy to prepare!
A prebaked Victoria sponge layered with a jam of your preference, raspberry, rhubarb or even a lemon marmalade or lemon curd would work well. Break into slices and layer a roomy trifle dish with the sponge at the bottom. Add a few drops of elderflower syrup or cordial.
Add a layer of lemon curd here if you like more lemonness!
Next layer is the Gooseberries, softened from only a quick cook in the pan with a splash of white wine, lemon juice and vanilla sugar (to your taste).
Then a generous spread of either your own Vanilla Custard or shop bought is just as good. Next the double cream whisked to a heavy peaky consistency and smoothed on top. Sprinkle on top of the cream ? a few lemon shavings more more zinginess, and for a sweeter tooth, some cold white chocolate shavings or choc chips.

Embellish with a few single fresh gooseberries and a few mint leaves for decoration and your ?English Elixir? is ready to serve, after a few hours or left overnight in the fridge to cool and set further.

Serve with a glass of sparkling white wine and a drop of elderflower cordial in a sugar rimmed glass and ??.just?..enjoy?.
Victoria Sponge
Elderflower Cordial
Lemon Curd
White wine
Lemon Juice
Vanilla Sugar
Vanilla Custard
Double cCream
White Chocolate shavings
Large trifle bowl
Recommended Wine:
White : Viognier