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5 Minute Mashed Potatoes<

5 Minute Mashed Potatoes

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Scientific Mashed Potato

On leaving home for the first time I was keen to speed up the time taken to make mashed potato, it was better tasting and healthier than the instant mashed potato of the time, but took too long. I decided to graph the length of time that different sizes of raw potato took to cook; as the surface area of the potato was increased the smaller the pieces of potato were, and this should lead to faster cooking times. A faster cooking time would mean that more flavour would be kept.
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I found that the ideal size of raw potato was one cubic centimetre, any bigger and the potato would take longer to cook, any smaller and the potato would break up, and taste of water. Professional chefs in the UK have done taste tests, and found that this is the best way of boiling potatoes.

Next came a taste test to see if adding water to the potato pan would make any difference to the final result. I found it unlikely that any salt in the water would penetrate a raw potato because they are so hard. And I was proven right. Why waste salt?

What you add to the mashed potato to taste is a matter of preference, but the science has been done.