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Pulled pork rolls with homemade apple sauce<

Pulled pork rolls with homemade apple sauce

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Background Info:
Having recently moved house and still have no kitchen, a very old slow cooker and the BBQ are the only ways to cook! My favourite recipe, without the benefit of a kitchen to use, is pulled pork rolls with homemade apple sauce. It?s absolutely delicious, and very easy-to-make.
The homemade apple sauce is thanks to the tree in our new garden.
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Cooking Instructions:
? Grab a bowl and mix one tablespoon of brown sugar and one of chilli powder, 3 cloves of crushed garlic then half a teaspoon of cumin and ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon, black pepper and salt to taste. Then rub onto the pork.
? Has to be quick and easy so I put it in the slow cooker and leave cooking away for about 8 hours ? while I get on with the rest of the day, like the school run, work, etc.
? The apple sauce I have to make in the slow cooker the day before (only because I don?t have a hob!), so I cut 2 large cooking apples, add a couple of teaspoons of sugar, a splash of water and let the slow cooker do the rest until it?s soft.
? Once the pork is ready, put in tasty soft rolls and add a generous scoop of homemade apple sauce. Or put three bowls out (for pork, rolls, apple sauce) and let everyone help themselves!
? Pork shoulder (enough for 4)
? Brown sugar
? Chilli powder
? Garlic
? Cumin
? Cinnamon
? Black pepper
? Salt
? Apples/sugar/water
Recommended Wine:
White : Any White Wine